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Learn Google Sheets 3D & Structured References in 60 Minutes


In a 60-minute interactive Zoom Live Lecture, you will create cell references that are located in other worksheets and workbooks using 3D and structured references.

I will provide the data files for the one-on-one live lecture and for you to practice after the live lecture.

Prior to the Zoom Live Lecture, you should have a Google Account and Gmail account so that we can collaborate in real time.

If you have any questions about this Live Lecture, please message me before you place your order.

Tools I use for teaching:

  • Google Sheets
  • Zoom


  • Basic computer skills
  • Working knowledge of using Google Drive
  • Access to a PC, MacBook, Chromebook, iPad, or Android Tablet and Internet Connection

*****Smartphone use is NOT recommended for this course.****

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