Who and What is ProfessorRome.com

by Sep 22, 2021

Who and What is ProfessorRome.com?

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ProfessorRome.com offers Live Virtual Lectures and Training Seminars given by a highly qualified educator. The Live Lectures and training seminars are based on the Google productivity suite of cloud-based software.

All of our classes and seminars are held via Google Meet with Professor Rome giving Live virtual lectures and training seminars. Whether you want to take a class for professional development or personal satisfaction, she has you covered. Professor Rome will work with you virtually to ensure the best learning environment for you and your team.

Professor Rome knows that learning is easier when you have an excellent instructor. She has an MBA and Masters in Information Systems Management and has taught over 13 years at a Community College. Professor Rome is passionate about the subjects she teaches and brings this enthusiasm into her seminars and courses.

We offer classes and seminars using the Google Productivity Suite. Whether you are studying for Google certification or personal satisfaction, all of our courses are customizable for your needs to make sure you leave with relevant skills.

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If you find this blog post helpful, ProfessorRome.com offers courses in Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, and more!

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